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How do I install the go kart sprocket carrier?
 Dec 31, 2022|View:423

Installing the go kart sprocket carrier on a go kart is not difficult. You will need a suitable socket spanner, a pair of pliers, a rear axle sprocket and a sprocket hub. Here is a brief description of how to fit a sprocket to the axle of a go kart.

go kart sprocket carrier

Sprocket hub installation

Step 1

Slide the hub and collar onto the axle.

Fit the key into the axle slot (the key must be at least 1-1/4" long).

Make sure the interlocking sides of the hub and collar are facing each other.

Note: The hub assembly can be mounted to the axle in either direction.

Step 2

Installation of the Go-Kart Chain Hub

Slide the hub onto the key so that the key is flush on the flat (engraved side) of the hub and protrudes on the side of the axle ring.

Step 3

Installation of the kart sprocket hub

Position the collar so that it interlocks with the hub. Make sure to align the keyway on the axle ring with the key.

In the photo above you can also see that the key is flush with this side of the hub.

Step 4

Slide the collar onto the hub. At this point, the key must be flush or protrude from the axle ring.

Installation of the karting chain hub

Step 5

Rotate the collar 90 degrees so that the set screw is tightened on the key.

Add a small amount of 242 Loctite (or similar thread locker) to the threads of the set screw.

As you tighten the set screw, make sure the collar stays straight and even on the shaft and does not buckle. Do not overtighten!

This is how to install the go kart sprocket carrier, we hope it will be enough to help you, if you have any other questions about this, you can contact us directly.