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  • go kart torsion bar clamp

    Model: LC-2018121309

    Any part can make with customer request. You will have distinctive part.
    Part can be do many colour.
    Brand New & Unused.
  • Racing Kart M8 Wheel Lug Nut

    Model: LC-2018121401

    1.3" TALL
    15 MM AT BASE
    M8 X 1.25 THREAD
  • CNC Handlebar Risers Bracket Clamp

    Model: LC-20018121402

    Brand New
    Motorcycle handlebar clamp kit
    One set includes two pcs of the clamp and mounting bolys
    High preformance parts, made of aluminum alloy
    Comes with mounting screws
  • Motorcycle Engine Dress Up Kit

    Model: LC-2018121403

    You can customize the special type of the engine dress up kit, we will produce the parts according to your drawing or sample.
    There are 9 colors of motorcycle engine cover: Red, green, gray, blue, black, orange, purple, silver, gold.
    There are kinds of surface treatment for motorcycle engine cover...
  • Motorcycle Engine Stator Cover

    Model: LC-2018121404

    The CNC engine cap is CNC machined
    Aluminum engine cap can be according to origina engine cap to do
    This billet clutch side cover is CNC machined which can gain more precise and glabrous surface than common machine work
  • Motorcycle exhaust end caps

    Model: LC-2018121405

    The CNC exhaust end cap is CNC machined.
    Aluminum exhaust end cap can be according to origina exhaust end cap to do.
    This billet clutch side cover is CNC machined which can gain more precise and glabrous surface than common machine work.
    Aluminum engine cover install tighter than casting.
  • Motorcycle aluminum foot brake lever

    Model: LC-2018121406

    High quality aluminium alloy 6061 foot brake.
    We do these motorcycle foot brake according to the drawing or sample you provided.
    We can make drawings by ourselves. Our tolerance is +-0.01.
  • Motorcycle CNC Gear Change Lever

    Model: LC-2018121407

    Best protection and best appearance.
    Quick and easy to install, without installation instructions.
    Enhances the look and provides protection.
    Color may have 5% different from the photos shown online.
  • Motorcycle handle bar Clip on

    Model: LC-2018121408

    This is a brand new aftermarket part, clip-on handlebar, made of high strength solid billet aluminum, quick release and precision CNC machined for perfect fit. stainless steel fasteners and Delrin plastic end that enhance a finishing look, this handlebar design giving the racers and street riders th...
  • Speedway Footrest Foot Peg

    Model: LC-2018121409

    Made of High Quality Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Material
    Anodized Finish for Strength and Durability
  • motorcycle Mixture Adjuster Screw

    Model: LC-2018121410

    Replaces the stock fuel screw that is difficult to adjust.
    Allows for no tools track or trail side tuning on your FCR carb.
    Clean, crisp throttle response.
    Easy grip knob with laser etched numbers for simple and accurate adjustments.
  • Gas Cap Breather Tube Vent Hose

    Model: LC-2018121411

    Your fuel tank needs to let air in to replace the fuel that has been used. That's why your bike has a hose coming out the fuel cap & usually going into the head stock.
    This makes removing & replacing the cap a bit of a pain, especially the screw on type.