More than 10 years CNC Custom Machining Parts.
Luckyway focus on the replacement and modification market.
→ Custom go kart parts
→ Custom racing car parts
→ Custom BMX bicycle parts
→ Custom off road motorcycle parts
→ CNC machining & metal welding parts
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Get first-class service for your custom cnc machining parts.
Product Series
Luckyway is specialized in all kinds of custom motorcycle parts, go kart parts, racing car parts, and metal welding accessories. Luckyway is now trading their products worldwide. Luckyway is a research and development, production, international trade, domestic sales and other integrated high-tech company.
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Manufacturing Capacity
After continuous development, Luckyway has become an industry benchmark in precision machining, surface treatment fabrication and welding industry, and can produce all kinds of complex parts of motorcycle parts, racing car parts, go kart parts and BMX bike parts. We reserve enough capacity to meet the flexible needs of customers.
Luckyway can meet various needs of customers for prototype construction, small batch trial production and mass production. Our aim is to meet high complexity and high precision requirements with customization.
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Introduction To Our Quality

Luckyway has a professional quality team with sufficient quality personnel in all posts. Quality management personnel and quality engineers have more than 10 years of experience and specific excellent quality ability. All posts shall be trained according to the requirements, and take the post after passing the theoretical and practical assessment to ensure that the ability meets the requirements.

Incoming Inspection

In order to ensure that the raw materials meet the requirements, in addition to the routine inspection of material brand, heat treatment and standards, the hardness, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials will also be inspected or sent to a third party for testing.

Prevent fake and shoddy raw materials and standard parts, and conduct traceability inspection on material certificates or COC and physical objects based on lot number / batch number; Ensure the integrity of all chains of material manufacturers, distributors and agents.

What Materials Can We Do
Stainless Steel
Aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals in the world because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low cost, and recyclability. Luckyway offers multiple aluminum alloys such as 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7050, 7075 and so on, as a high-quality silver metal that’s soft, lightweight and durable, it is commonly used for racing car parts , go kart parts , off road motorcycle parts , BMX bike parts,etc.
Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a popular industrial alloy used in a wide variety of industries, such as racing car parts , go kart parts , off road motorcycle parts , BMX bike parts,etc. Luckyway offers multiple stainless steel such as 303,304, 316,17-4PH, 4130, 4140 and so on.
Our copper parts are widely used for racing car parts, go kart parts, off road motorcycle parts, BMX bike parts, etc.
Cast iron is a dependable wear-resistant material which machines faster than many steel varieties. This is an ideal material for absorbing vibrations.Our iron parts are widely used for racing car parts , go kart parts , off road motorcycle parts , BMX bike parts,etc.
We can do the coating for all kinds of metal processing parts,such as racing car parts , go kart parts , off road motorcycle parts , BMX bike parts,etc.
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