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What are the characteristics of CNC Machining Parts?
 Dec 16, 2022|View:359

CNC Machining Parts are parts produced by CNC lathes. CNC machine tools usually consist of information carriers, input and output devices, CNC systems, strong electrical control devices, servo drive systems, position feedback devices, and machine tools.


In order to adapt to the characteristics of CNC machining, CNC machine tools in the overall layout, appearance, main drive system, feed drive system, tool system, and operating mechanism, and other aspects of ordinary machine tools have great changes.

So what are the characteristics of CNC Machining Parts produced by CNC machine tools?

1. CNC Machining Parts surface roughness is small.

CNC lathes can process parts with small surface roughness, not only because of the rigidity of the machine tool and high manufacturing accuracy but also because it can carry out constant linear speed cutting. It is easy to ensure the accuracy of each surface of the workpiece.

2. CNC Machining Parts with complex internal and external contour shapes can be machined.

Any plane curve can be composed of numerous short straight lines or small arcs, and the CNC lathe has a straight line and arc interpolation function; part of the lathe CNC device and some non-circular complex curve interpolation function, so you can turn by any combination of the heart and plane curve shape complex will be mounted body parts and more difficult to control the size of the parts.

3. CNC Machining Parts for turning various threaded shafts and holes.

The CNC lathe can not only turn any straight, tapered, and end threads with equal pitch but also threads with increased or decreased pitch, as well as threads and reducers that require smooth transitions between equal and variable pitch.

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