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cnc machining parts factory takes you to understand the characteristics of cnc lathe parts
 Jan 20, 2023|View:237

CNC machine tool is the product of the combination of information technology and machinery manufacturing technology, representing modern basic machinery's technical level and development trend. It comprises an information carrier, input and output devices, a CNC system, a strong electric control device, a servo drive system, a position feedback device, and a machine tool.

cnc machining parts

Lathe parts are the mechanical structure of CNC machine tools. To adapt to the characteristics of CNC processing, CNC machine tools in the overall layout, appearance, main drive system, feed drive system, tool system and operating mechanism, and other aspects of ordinary machine tools are very different. As a professional cnc machining parts factory, the following will list several of its main features for you.

(1) the use of high efficiency and high-performance transmission components, such as rolling screw vice, linear rolling guide vice, etc., short transmission chain, simple structure, and high transmission accuracy;

(2) the machine has high precision, static rigidity, dynamic rigidity, and thermal rigidity and can meet the requirements of large margin cutting and precision machining cutting;

(3) There is a perfect automatic tool exchange and management system. After clamping the workpiece once, it can complete multiple processing procedures;

(4) With measures to eliminate the transmission gap of the transmission vice, to ensure the transmission accuracy and dynamic performance of the transmission mechanism;

(5) fully enclosed shell, sliding door structure to ensure the safety of processing operations.

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