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What is BMX alloy chain tensioners' function?
 Jan 12, 2023|View:296

BMX alloy chain tensioners act on the timing belt or chain of the engine to guide and tension it so that it is always optimally tensioned. There are two types of tensioners: hydraulic and mechanical, both of which automatically adjust the tension of the timing belt and chain.

BMX alloy chain tensioners

The function of BMX alloy chain tensioners

With the timing belt or chain, the camshaft drives the valves to open and close at the correct time, in conjunction with the pistons to complete the four processes of intake, compression, work, and exhaust. The timing belt and the timing chain will jump when running at medium and high speeds, and the timing belt will be stretched and deformed during long-term use due to the material and force of the belt, resulting in inaccurate timing of the gas distribution, thus causing faults such as fuel consumption, powerlessness, and explosive vibration. When too many teeth are jumped because the valve opens too early or closes too late, the valve and the upward piston collide and damage the engine.

In order to keep the timing belt and chain at the right tension, i.e. not too loose and jumping or too tight and damaged, there is a special tensioning system consisting of a tensioner and a tensioning pulley or guide. The tensioner provides the pressure directed towards the belt or chain, the tensioner pulley is in direct contact with the timing belt and the guide rail is in direct contact with the timing chain, they apply the pressure provided by the tensioner to them while running with the belt or chain to keep them at the right level of tensioning.

The above is the introduction of BMX alloy chain tensioners, hope it can help you to understand our products better, if you have other questions or needs about this, you can contact us directly.