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Custom welding parts supplier explains the classification of welded structural parts
 Jan 06, 2023|View:417

As a custom welding parts supplier, we would like to explain the classification of welded structural parts today.

custom welding parts supplier

1. Beam and beam system structures

This type of welded structure is characterized by the transverse bending of the elements that make up the beam system structure. When the beam system structure is made up of multiple beams connected by rigid connections, the force situation of each beam will become more complex.

2. Column structures

This type of welded structure is characterized by compressive stresses or longitudinal bending stresses in combination with compressive stresses. The cross-sectional shape of the structure is mostly "I" shaped, "box" or tubular circular cross-section. Custom welding parts supplier uses these forms to increase the moment of inertia, improve the stability of the structure, and also to save material.

3. Lattice structure

It consists of a series of tension or compression rods combined, the rods are connected to each other in the form of nodes to form a variety of shapes, such as trusses, network rigid frames, skeletons, etc.

4. Shell structure

This type of structure is subject to large internal pressure, thus requiring welded joints with good gas tightness, such as containers, receptacles, pipelines, etc., mostly made of steel plate welding.

5. Skeleton structure

The shape of this type of structure is the human skeleton, mostly used for lifting transport machinery, usually under dynamic load, so it is required to have a minimum weight and greater rigidity, hull skeleton, bus shed frame, and carriage and cab are such structures. The raw materials for skeleton and lattice structures are mostly various steel sections, and sometimes the two types of structures are collectively referred to as lattice truss structures.

6. Welded parts for machines and instruments

This type of structure is best suited to work under alternating loads or repeated loads. Accurate dimensions are therefore required to ensure the quality of the main components or instrument parts machined. This type of structure includes machine bases, machine bodies, machine beams, gears, flywheels, and instrument pivots. This type of structure using steel plate welding or casting and welding, forging and welding combined process, can solve the problem of insufficient capacity of casting and forging equipment, while greatly reducing the manufacturing cycle.

Basic issues to be considered in the manufacture of welded structures. While ensuring the quality of the welded joints on the structural components, in order to meet the processing conditions, both productivity is increased and safety is increased by improving the operating environment during fabrication. The selection of appropriate materials, the enrichment of processing equipment, and the technical skills of skilled workers are important responsibilities for the technical personnel involved in the manufacture of welded structures.

Luckyway is a custom welding parts supplier and if you have any further questions or requirements, please contact us directly.